As we approach the mid point of the year, Ami Copeland's June blog reflects on the importance of a flexible approach.

Is it summer yet? At least it's warm-ish and occasionally sunny. I managed to have a few days away with my family in Kent for half term. The Welcome to Kent sign on the side of the motorway infused our mini-break with the idea that we were enjoying the 'Garden of England' and we all joined our dog, Spyro, in racing up and down some of Kent's glorious meadows and cooling off with a refreshing drink in a few Kentish pubs.
As we approach the end of 'H1', and the ICB Executive Team review the last quarter's objectives, I'm struck by how much we've been able to achieve but how little went according to plan! It reminds me of the phrase about the importance of 'holding on tightly and letting go lightly'. To do both seems completely implausible but yet I'm certain it's essential to living and working happily. So often our identity as people, or business owners, is built on the idea that we know where we're going and we'll stick to our goals no matter what, and yet, there's joy to be found in balancing that with being open to the opportunity that each new day brings.
It's in this context of reviewing the past and looking to the future, that I encourage you to join me at one of our six Inspire Tour roadshows this summer. A fitting mid-way point to the year, this annual social CPD event is the perfect opportunity for you to reflect on your year so far and be inspired for what's next.
More intimate and hands-on than the Bookkeepers Summit in November, the Inspire Tour offers workshops on everything from using Artificial Intelligence to navigating Making Tax Digital. We'll have lively panels of local members discussing what works and doesn't work for ambitious bookkeepers in your area, and a member of our AML team will be on-hand to answer all your burning questions. Our friendly AML officers will walk you through completing your Whole Practice Risk Assessment to comply with the legal requirement to assess the money laundering risk to your practice as a whole.
After we've visited our six UK locations, we do it all again online for a virtual event that's included in the in-person tickets, or can be booked in isolation. That said, don't be toot tempted to pass up the chance to see your fellow members face to face and bear in mind that each of the six locations features a special guest speaker sharing top insights into a range of topics such as marketing, branding, cyber security and how to deal with difficult clients. Perhaps the trick with clients is to hold on tightly and let go lightly....I'd love to know what you think and look forward to catching up at an Inspire Tour location near you!
Members and non-members can register here for the Inspire Tour