We need people like you to join the Advisory Council and win LUCA Awards. What are you waiting for? And, psst Bookkeepers Summit tickets go on sale next week - here is how to get a Super Earlybird discount...

This week we lose a cherished member of our team, Iris Christofides. She's actually the one who's been uploading our articles and images, and making the newsletter possible. It's been a pleasure to work with someone so positive, smart and driven and the whole team at ICB wishes her well for the future.

When Iris very generously told me I'd been a great boss, it felt like one of the proudest moments of my career. Those of you running a practice may agree with me that being a boss tends to mean that people come to you with problems and very seldom a pat on the back (exactly as it should be). The reason I'm bragging speaking about this is because, far from making me feel complacent, it made me immediately start thinking about how I could be an even better boss in the future. 

So I implore you to please get yourself a similar dose of positive feedback, you'll be amazed at how energising it is and how much more confident you feel in achieving your ambitions. I am certain that the very process of applying for a LUCA Award, or nominating yourself for a seat on the Advisory Council, will propel you forward to the next phase of your career. What a great opportunity to reach out to your clients to ask for testimonials, or to sit down with your team to take stock of your achievements. 

It's free to apply and, if you get shortlisted for an award, you'll receive a free ticket to the LUCA Awards Ceremony and have a really good excuse to post lots of selfies on social media. Did you know we even have a LUCA Award for the ICB member with the best social media presence? 


The awards ceremony will take place at the same venue, and on the evening of, the In-Person Bookkeepers Summit:

Monday 7 November
Park Plaza Hotel Westminster

Those of you who have been before will know that, while the Bookkeepers Summit is the world's biggest conference dedicated to bookkeepers, it's also the friendliest.

This year it's going to be a hybrid affair, with one day in-person on Monday 7 November and one day online on Wednesday 9 November. In between those days you can join us for a Bookkeepers Breakfast at the Houses of Parliament (which is just over the road from the Summit hotel) and meet up online in the evening for a virtual happy hour.

Here's what ICB members love about the Bookkeepers Summit:

✅ “The Summit provided everything I was hoping for. I was informed, motivated, and gained contacts - ticked all my boxes!!"

✅ “If you have never been you are really missing out on something."

✅ “Eye opening and totally inspirational. It keeps me going for the next year.”

✅ “Extremely useful and worthwhile.”

✅ “So insightful and absolutely worth it!”

✅ "Attendance is a MUST for any bookkeeper - inspirational and informative."


Super Early Bird tickets
go on sale next week and they are heavily discounted and in short supply. Please keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages for the start of the sale.

Purchase five or more tickets to qualify for a group booking discount. 

No matter what ticket you purchase, you'll get a login to our event app for networking during the Bookkeepers Summit. This is a great way to meet other bookkeepers, or say hi before you meet up in-person. Because, as Paula Veysey-Smith says in the new Advisory Council film, 'Community is everything to ICB.'