The Bookkeepers Summit 2019 takes place on Monday 25th- Tuesday 26th November

Now, being a cyclist and also enjoying trekking in the mountains one thing I know is how wonderful it is when you reach the summit after a hard climb up.  There’s that great sense of achievement, amazing views and much-needed refreshment usually in the form of chocolate and tea as you still need to get your way down before any stronger beverages are enjoyed!  And you also get to celebrate your achievement with your fellow adventurers who will become firm friends.

It’s not dissimilar to reaching the ICB Summit!  We climb during the busyness of our bookkeeping year and like getting to the top of any mountain it takes time, energy and often a slip here and there!  Being in practice isn’t easy whether it’s just us or we have a team around us; we need to come together to nurse our wounds, celebrate our achievements and create bonds that last a lifetime.

The ICB Bookkeepers Summit is the highlight of the year for many of us. It’s a time to meet old friends and make new ones, to realise the bigger picture that we are part of, to learn, to discover new applications that will help our businesses and to also have some fun together.  The Luca awards is a night where we share each other’s achievements; to win is amazing, I know, but also to be nominated is wonderful.  Please do put yourself forward. 

I’ll finish with a story from last year, and if any of you have heard me speak, I do love a good story!  I met a lady who had come to the conference for the first time and by herself.  She had obviously been quite nervous about attending but, like climbing that mountain, had made the uphill battle and reached the Summit.  She was so delighted she’d come and told me how wonderful the experience had been for her.  Everyone had been so friendly and welcoming, the keynote speeches and workshops inspiring and the exhibition very informative.  I know that she left full of energy to continue to take her practice forward; it was exactly how I felt when I attended ICB’s first Bookkeepers Summit in 2009.  I’ve only missed one due to being away; I won’t miss another!

The Bookkeepers Summit takes place this year on Monday 25th - Tuesday 26th November although many do come on the Sunday night which gives a great opportunity for informal networking, which is code for meeting in the bar. 

I hope to see you there – please come and find me and say hello.

You can book your tickets for the 10th annual Bookkeepers Summit here.