The LUCA Awards grow year on year both in the number of entries and in the calibre of entries and entrants. So, if you entered but were not shortlisted, why not and what can you do to make the shortlist next year?

Firstly, you need to ensure you meet the criteria for the LUCA that you're applying for. An obvious consideration, but so many entrants either don't read the criteria or simply choose to ignore it. The judges don't! For example; the criteria for the ICB Practice categories quite clearly state that the number of employees in the practice determines the size of the practice and therefore the category that should be entered. It asks for the staff to be listed and you should ensure that the number is correct, and we also check that this ties up with what is on your practice record. Next, is your practice AML compliance up to date; are you offering services outside your licence; have you paid your membership fees? Does your website clearly and prominently state you are an ICB Bookkeeper?

The entries for this year, the 10th LUCA Awards, were outstanding with some running to more than 30 pages with videos and business plans. Unfortunately, some nominees simply completed the covering form only and too many entrants just forwarded collections of emails from clients saying they looked after their books well.

ICB is proud of what it has achieved in its first 23 years, (it’s actually our 21st Birthday today!), and ICB is very proud of what every one of our 150,000+ students and members have achieved. Whether it be examination success or achieving a promotion or setting up in business. Or just the confidence boost you get when your tutor marks your homework with a Well Done! We hear so many of your life stories and the enormous effort you have put in to overcome hurdles we cannot even begin to imagine; whether they are physical disabilities, financial burdens, mental health issues, bullying, holding down two jobs and looking after a partner or children and grabbing an hour at midnight to study, the list goes on. We understand the lift you get when your qualification certificate lands on your doormat. You probably haven't sat an examination for several years but now you're doing something for you, and just look what you can do! At ICB no certificate is just another piece of paper going in the post. Each one represents everything ICB and you have achieved and we understand just how life changing that piece of paper can be.

Good luck to all of our fabulous shortlisted nominees, you make your institute and your community very proud!

June Carter
ICB Co-Founder

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