Some useful updates and links for members

There have been some interesting and useful updates from HMRC this week and, as some of these are often asked about in technical queries to ICB, it is worthwhile attaching some links that can be used as additional information tools.

Self Assessment: commercial software suppliers

This link will take you to the list of commercial suppliers that offer products for tax calculations. Please note that neither HMRC nor ICB can recommend or endorse any one product or service over another and will not be responsible for any loss, damage, cost or expense in connection with using this software. However it is a useful list if you are considering tax products.


Scale rate expenses payments: employee travelling outside the UK

If you need to understand how much employees can claim for expenses when travelling outside of the UK, this list details, country by country, the amounts that HMRC will allow.


VAT Notice 700/62: self billing

Do you have clients that 'self-bill? This is when the customer produces an invoice for supplies (rather than the supplier producing it). It is vital that for VAT purposes there is an agreement that has to be signed by both parties before this can be allowed, although permission does not have to be sought from HMRC prior to the implementation.The link below will take you to the HMRC notice and also to a blank agreement you can use.