Multi-Luca Award winner and Summit speaker, Zoe Whitman MICB, has published a book about bookkeeping

Zoe Whitman MICB has written a fantastic new book for small business owners where she asks: “Which one word sums up how most people feel about bookkeeping?”

Zoe’s book ‘Know Your Numbers’ should be on the reading list of every start-up micro and small business, before they start! Its easy, down-to-earth style makes this a very readable book, and it asks some great questions. Like, once the novelty of keeping the books has worn off and deadlines are looming, isn’t the best option to get yourself an ICB Bookkeeper?

ICB’s very own co-founder and President, Garry Carter, provides the book's forward and he stresses the importance of letting people do what they do best - sometimes doing the books isn’t why people became entrepreneurs.

It’s all about ET! Expertise and time, of course. If either of these are in short supply then getting a bookkeeper is essential explains Zoe…see Chapter 11.

Oh, and those words to sum up bookkeeping she got back? They included ‘scary’, ‘taxing’, ‘shudder’, ‘fiddly’, and simply ‘urghhh’. Well we know that bookkeepers get all the fun...

· ICB is thinking of launching a book club. What do you think? And we would love some other books you would like us to review. Books that have really helped you on your journey.