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HMRC is continuing to deliver valuable online support over the coming weeks under its Agent Talking Points series. The webinars are easy to join, and there are opportunities for participants to ask plenty of questions.

From filing a tax return online, to organising business expenses, HMRC have got it covered with an extensive range of specially selected webinars. 

Please click on a time below to suit you for the webinars so far announced for November. Note: once the live webinars are complete it is possible to view a recording - you can watch the recordings here.

 The Patent Box post 2016: In this meeting we will be talking through the new rules, including the qualifying criteria, the records that need to be kept, and the computation.

We‌dn‌esd‌ay 1 No‌ve‌mb‌er - m‌id‌da‌y to 1p‌m      Register now

Company tax returns Online - Get it right first time and avoid the most common errors: This will cover the common reasons for rejection of company tax returns and how to avoid late filing penalties.

Th‌ur‌sd‌ay 2 No‌ve‌mb‌er - m‌id‌da‌y to 1p‌m        Register now

 Income from Property, minimising the risk for individuals: Dealing specifically with expenses and deductions, allowances and reliefs.including repairs, the relief for the replacement of domestic items and the restrictions to income tax relief for finance costs.

Th‌ur‌sd‌ay 9 No‌ve‌mb‌er - 1‌1a‌m to 1‌2:1‌5 p‌m    Register now

 Agent Toolkits and You: Covering the benefits of using toolkits to help reduce errors when completing your clients’ tax returns. There will be a live demonstration and the opportunity to give feedback to aid the development of the service. We will not be answering technical tax questions in this meeting.

We‌dn‌esd‌ay 1‌5 No‌ve‌mb‌er - m‌id‌da‌y to 1p‌m    Register now 

The new Trusts Registration Service: Explaining how to register an estate using the new Trusts Registration Service. It will also provide the latest information on registering new and existing trusts, based on user research and feedback.

Fr‌id‌ay 1‌7 No‌ve‌mb‌er - m‌id‌da‌y to 1p‌m           Register now

Agents Forum and the role of the Issues Overview Group: Providing information about the operation of the online Agent Forum and the Issues Overview Group, which is made up of representatives of the Professional Bodies.

Tu‌esd‌ay 2‌1 No‌ve‌mb‌er - 1p‌m to 2p‌m     Register now

Paying HMRC – What’s Changing: You won’t be able to pay HMRC at the Post Office from 15 December 2017. Please join the meeting to find out about all the alternative electronic payment methods that are available.

Mo‌nd‌ay 27 No‌ve‌mb‌er - midday to 1p‌m                Register now

Business Expenses for the Self-Employed: This meeting is to provide guidance on what is and isn’t classed as an allowable business expense and will include motoring and premises costs.

We‌dn‌esd‌ay 29 No‌ve‌mb‌er - midday to 1p‌m          Register now

Agent access to services: Creating an Agent Services Account and accessing services. Due to its popularity, we are offering two opportunities for you to join this meeting.

Thursday 30 November - midday to 1pm              Register now

Thursday 30 November - 2pm to 3pm                   Register now    


Please send any questions for HMRC's subject experts to team.agentengagement@hmrc.gsi.gov.uk before the meeting, with the title of the meeting in the ‘subject’ line of your email.

These interactive meetings run on the ‘CITRIX’ platform. The organiser will run through how to ask questions on the day. 

HMRC also have a range of Agents Toolkits providing helpful information for you to download and use.