November messages

This month's automatic enrolment messages concentrate on four key themes TPR would like us to flag with our members - minimum contributions increases, ongoing duties, re-enrolment duties and using postponement for seasonal workers.
  • Are your clients ready for the minimum workplace pensions contribution levels increase in April 2018?
  • Your clients' automatic enrolment duties are ongoing. Make sure they know what needs to be done. It's the law.
  • Are your clients approaching re-enrolment? TPR has published a useful online tool.
  • Are your clients employing seasonal staff for the Christmas period and considering using postponement?

More employers have been ordered to pay missing pension contributions, according to new data released by The Pensions Regulator. It’s not enough for an employer to just be compliant at the start of the automatic enrolment process. They have ongoing duties, one of which is to maintain contributions into a pension scheme on behalf of their staff on an ongoing basis. It’s the law. You can help to support them by ensuring they know what they need to do. The Pensions Regulator has information about what employers need to do to meet their ongoing duties.

First wilful non-compliance conviction

Following an inspection at Stott Tours (Oldham), TPR found that 36 of their staff were deliberately not automatically enrolled into a pension scheme. As the employer had wilfully not complied with pension law, it warranted TPR’s use of powers for criminal prospection of both Stott Tours (Oldham) and Alan Stott, which resulted in a conviction. Darren Ryder, TPR’s Director of Automatic Enrolment, said: “Automatic enrolment is not an option, it is the law. Employers should be in no doubt that if they wilfully refuse to become compliant they could end up with a criminal record and a hefty court bill – and will still have to give their staff the pensions they are due. A link to the press release is here.