See why Nomisma is making a name for itself as the only true end-to-end cloud suite designed for bookkeepers in practice and how they think you could increase profitability

Learn how you can:

  • Save time and improve efficiency with a professional bookkeeping package designed for the practitioner, not just the small business
  • Automate client payroll
  • Automate final accounts and tax from bookkeeping
  • Communicate more easily with clients with our new self-assessment mobile app
  • Manage your deadlines by seeing your practice in a single view
  • Prospect for new clients and onboard them end-to-end
  • See MTD not as a threat but as an opportunity
  • Do all this whilst spending less on software
  • Handle more clients to grow your practice and achieve your ambitions

We will explain all this and show you Nomisma live in action for:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll
  • Client onboarding
  • Deadline management


We will also:

  • Share our pricing and show how Nomisma is affordable from day one and client one
  • Explain the full care and support package with Nomisma


Session 1 speaker details

Name: Rhys Munsch

Job title: Accountant Relationship Manager

Rhys engages full time with small bookkeeping and accounting practitioners to understand their needs and explain the benefits that Nomisma can bring, as well as helping them then achieve those real-world results.


Session 2: How bookkeepers are increasing their revenue by 20% overnight, and other industry insights

In this session we’ll cover:

  • How you too could increase your top-line revenue by 20% overnight
  • The industry’s best-kept accounting secret (It involves FRS105!)
  • Providing an additional service, which is automated through bookkeeping
  • Tools for improving your practice efficiencies and managing clients, tasks and deadlines
  • Doing all this whilst spending up to 6 times less on cloud-based software

We’ll illustrate how the Nomisma suite can help with these ideas and share insights about our free practice success plan to help you grow your practice and build passive revenue.


Session 2 speaker details

Name: Ashleigh Hall MAAT

Job title: Product Lead and Director

Ash oversees and steers product direction at Nomisma. He is a qualified accountant who has worked in practices large and small and at every stage of the growth cycle with extensive hands-on bookkeeping work. This, combined with many years in the practice software world across a number of businesses, gives him a great perspective to understand the pain points and opportunities for the practitioner.