ICB receives industry recognition for the Bookkeepers Summit, ICB TV, remotely invigilated exams and Garry Carter's personality!

This year’s PQ Awards take place at 7 pm, Thursday 29 April and you can join in online. The annual awards are hosted by PQ Magazine, the widely-read and insightful monthly publication for part-qualified accountants. This year, the accountants are sharing the limelight with the fastest growing sector of the accountancy profession - the bookkeepers!

ICB been nominated four times across three categories; 'Innovation in Accountancy' for ICBTV and the Bookkeepers Summit, 'Study Resource of the Year' for our Remote-Invigilated Exams, and 'Accounting Personality of the Year' for none other than Garry Carter and you can take a sneak peek at our nomination videos below. To make the announcement even more special, ICB members and partners are also in the running for these fantastic awards! Check out all the nominees below: 

PQ of the Year: 

  • Cathy Wright MICB PM.Dip, Ad Como 

Distance Learning Student of the Year: 

Accountancy Personality of the Year: 

Accountancy Team of the Year: 

Private Sector Lecturer of the Year: 

Innovation in Accountancy: 

  • The Bookkeepers Summit 

  • ICB TV 

Study Resource of the Year: 

  • ICB remote exam invigilation 

Wondering how it feels to be shortlisted for a PQ Award? We caught up with some of the nominees to ask them that very question. See their responses below and be inspired! 

Louise Ball MICB 

"I'm absolutely blown away to be shortlisted for the award. It certainly has been a varied year for me and I'm lucky that the flexibility of having my own bookkeeping practice has allowed me the opportunity to help out during the pandemic and therefore lead me to be shortlisted for such a great award.’’ 

Cathy Wright MICB PM.Dip: 

"It’s an honour to have been shortlisted, it’s definitely been a challenge juggling training, setting up a new practice and home-schooling so it’s great to be recognised for all the hard work that I’ve put in and it's also a reflection on the excellent support I have had from the ICB and Training Link.’’ 

Jo Wood FICB PM.Dip: 

"I have been nominated twice. One of which Zoe and I are up against the ICB, this is just mental! The second one I am up for Accounting Team of the Year! Wow, as a bookkeeper through and through we can often feel inadequate against the mighty accountants. To be unknowingly nominated for this award has been such a shock, but also a wonderful surprise. To be sitting side by side with such large and established accountancy teams is very humbling. We only established in April 2019 and it feels that the hard work is paying off. It’s so lovely to be recognised by people that do not personally know you but have been impressed by the impact you are making on your clients.’’ 

About ICB TV  

On 23rd March our co-founder Garry Carter launched what would become a daily feature in the lives of ICB members looking for answers at a strange and unprecedented moment in history. Over 1000 members joined us for that first episode of ICB TV and continued to tune-in in their droves for what is now a year-long series of informative, insightful and reassuring live broadcasting.

ICB TV was a crucial resource for the UK’s bookkeepers who are often, and accurately, described as the backbone of small business. Dedicated to their employers and clients, bookkeepers were able to pass on timely advice and guide business owners through the challenges they faced.

Our close community is the hallmark of ICB but it was never felt so strongly as when we came together in our shared online space every day during a time of collective need.  

Watch the ICB TV highlights video: 


ICBTV vital statistics:

131 episodes
17,859 total hours watched

Notable guests include the Small Business Minister, representatives from HMRC, the Office of Tax Simplification, the Treasury, Sage, Xero, Intuit, FreeAgent, Fluidly, Satago, and Taxfiler, and last but not least, Graham Hambly.

Comments from ICBTV viewers:

‘ICB have been and always are so supportive of its members, especially this year during the pandemic. ICB TV has been invaluable. Thank you ICB.’ 

‘I get serious FOMO if I miss an episode of ICB TV. I really look forward to it.’


About the Bookkeepers Summit

By putting ICB members first, we were able to pull off the biggest Bookkeepers Summit ever! Over 1000 people came together online in November 2020 for two days of TED-style talks, live panel discussions, speed networking, social gatherings, competitions, technology exhibitors, and a whole lot of mind-blowing, life-affirming fun. Attendees joined a buzzing private social network and experienced a welcome like no other; sharing stories, tips and tactics. 

We chose an online event platform that let members really get to know each other, as well as watch great content and join in. We hosted a live multi-camera awards show with nominees joining remotely and making live acceptance speeches. Attendee numbers increased by nearly 400% from 2019.

Our team was committed to making the event reflect ICB membership; inclusive, diverse and accessible. We had a 50/50 male-female split amongst our speakers and 25% were POC. We worked around the clock to subtitle all of our pre-recorded sessions and provide translations so the event could welcome our hard-of-hearing members and an international audience.  

Watch the Bookkeepers Summit highlights video:

Bookkeepers Summit vital statistics:

1097 attendees 703 photos posted
32 speakers 974 digital business cards swapped
20 Exhibitors 4376 comments in the social feed
Every session rated at least 4.5 out of 5
8848 direct messages sent
203 video meetings 38,032 Likes 

Comments from Bookkeepers Summit attendees:

‘I am feeling ecstatic! I’m loving my first Bookkeepers Summit so far! Really chuffed. Thank you ICB. I LOVE YOU.’

‘Thanks to your fabulous discussion [on how bookkeepers should think of themselves as entrepreneurs], I now have a £5/hour pay rise from one of my clients! It’s nice to feel valued. Thank you!’

“I think that this virtual set-up worked extremely well in these challenging times. It was great to see people’s faces, hear interesting and thought-provoking presentations, and ‘meet up’ with other like-minded ICB members. The whole experience has boosted my belief and confidence that I can and will make a success of my new career.”