The joy of virtual events is that you can be in the room where it happens, without having to actually be in the room where it happens.

The ICB team have been on tour the last few weeks, crisscrossing the country with the 2024 Inspire Tour. This year, it comprises updates and advice on AML from the ICB compliance team and practical workshops on AI, MTD and payments from our partners at Sage, IRIS and Apron. The most popular sessions have been our bookkeeper panels and our range of guest speakers. 

All this could be yours – from the comfort of your own home! And you don’t even have to be an ICB member. 

All this could be yours: 

  • The AML compliance team will walk you through your copy of the AML all practice Risk assessment AND the AML checklist. 

  • "Bookkeeping in the age of AI: Challenges, Opportunities, and Adaptation" with Chris Downing, Sage 

  • "Demystifying Making Tax Digital: Essential Insights for Bookkeepers" with Jenny Strudwick, IRIS Software Group 

  • "All-In-One AP Service: Pitching, Pricing, and building Processes" with Bogdan Uzbekov, Apron 

Guest speaker 

At the virtual event we’ll be joined by Isabel Clark, a Financial Advisor who will share her advice on Planning for your Fierce Future Financial Self. It’s all about how you can add value to client/bookkeeper relationships AND look after yourself.  

Network with your fellow bookkeepers 

The real magic of ICB is in the community. Whether you are an experienced ICB-er meeting up with friends you already know, or you’re looking to meet new colleagues to identify potential outsourcing options – you’ll receive a warm welcome. We’ve added more chatting networking time into the agenda.