130 ICB bookkeepers joined a special online event helping women feel fabulous and fearless

Thank you to the 130 fearless and fabulous ICB bookkeepers who joined us on 8th March for a confidence-building workshop, a panel discussion on how to foster a growth mindset to feel more positive, in control and focused, and to hear inspiring new-practice success stories from real-life ICB bookkeepers. Attendees were also able to speed-network and join each other at ‘tables’ to chat! The event was all about you, finding your purpose, and knowing that you are in control.

The first 110 ticket holders also received a wellness pack containing vegan and cruelty-free beauty products, compostable candles, fair trade organic chocolate and a pukka tea bag! 

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“Possibly one of the best Mondays ever!” 

The afternoon started with a warm welcome speech from ICB’s Practice On-Boarding Manager Sujay Patel, who stated that ‘78% of our bookkeepers are women, we honestly can’t tell you how amazing we all think you are’.  

Sujay Patel, ICB Practice On-boarding Manager, speaking at the event

Simone Gilbert’s Confidence workshop followed, a brilliant 20-minute presentation on soul-led insights to shift from fearful, stuck and overwhelmed to Fearless and Fabulous! Simone’s presentation dealt with shedding the dreadful ‘imposter syndrome’ and how to ‘Get Real,’ ‘Stay on Your Own Tracks’ and ‘Take Action.’ 

After Simone’s workshop, Ami Copeland, ICB’s Director of Communications and Marketing, took to the virtual stage with Yvonne Bodie MICB, Eva Beatrix Szabo FICB PM.Dip, FreeAgent’s Ruth Tatenda Mutasa and Helen Pickard MICB. This woman-led panel focused on how to foster a growth mindset to feel more positive, in control and focused. 

IWD Panel screenshot

Clockwise from top left: Helen Pickard MICB, Eva Beatrix Szabo FICB PM.Dip, Ami Copeland, FreeAgent’s Ruth Tatenda Mutasa and Yvonne Bodie MICB 

“If you ever feel lost, within ICB there are various networking groups that will support you” - Yvonne Boddie MICB, Winner of Small Practice of the Year 2020

The last session of the day was led by Sujay Patel who invited four ICB Bookkeepers to share their new practice success stories. Zoe Carpenter MICB, Nina Pennell MICB PM.Dip, Penelope Allard FICB PM.Dip, and Catherine Wright MICB PM.Dip talked about their bookkeeping journey and what accountability means to them. Sujay also discussed the benefits of a bookkeeper accountability buddy, someone to set targets with and help you through your journey.

“I love the idea of the buddy scheme; I'd really appreciate someone experienced to talk to regularly.” 

All ticket holders will soon be receiving an email that will allow them to re-watch the sessions! Two CPD points will be added and ICB looks forward to running a programme of social events throughout 2021. 

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