ICB's Clare Mannall FICB of CEM Bookkeeping & Consultancy Ltd was on hand recently to give the bookkeeper's perspective at an international accounting conference

She was a star turn at ‘2021 and beyond: the new normal for accounting around the globe’ run by London South Bank University. 

Clare joined a panel with Mike Day, Xero director of UK Education, Ivor Pingue of London South Bank University Business School, Anna Kate Phelan from Rogo, and Graham Hambly, editor of PQ magazine.

Clare explained how the pandemic had affected her business. She lost many of her London clients overnight as they were forced to close their doors but has managed to pick up a few local Surbiton clients. She also told of the day she sat in her office (it’s a cabin in the back garden) in floods of tears as she got 30 P45s ready for one client. Thankfully Clare was able to revert these employees to furlough! 

She reminded delegates too that they are in control of their technology, emphasising the importance of personal and communication skills when working with clients and team members. Clare stressed that these skills need to be developed as much as your bookkeeping and accounting skills.

Check out Clare's appearence here: