So, we’ve all had an unprecedented year. That almost goes without saying

But it is worth remembering just how much has been thrown at us and what we have all done and are still doing, both individually and collectively, to keep our families, businesses and clients and employers, afloat, sane, and ready for what lies ahead. We need to gather our thoughts. We need to look at whatever our new norm is and whether we stay with it or return to the old ways. I guess we shall enter some kind of hybrid life that recognises that we, and our clients and employers, still need us to work, but that we shall from now on also take more account of our own needs. Before we slip back into the inevitable old routine, we must ask ourselves if we can learn from the past year and do it better. Clients and employers will still be demanding but they should have a better appreciation of you and what you have done for them. If they do not, or they have some sort of memory lapse, remind them, in the nicest possible way of course.

Now is the time to be inspired once again. To remember just why you and your fellow ICB bookkeepers are vital to the world’s small business community. You must hone your skills and continue to develop your professional ability, scope, and approach. How great is it then, that next week sees the latest ICB Inspire Tour! Several hundreds of you are booked in for what promises to be another jam-packed five days of learning, information, technical and regulatory updates, personal experiences, discussion – and inspiration. 

Because this is a virtual event, there are tickets still available and do not forget that if you are too busy during the day to take it all in, you can download all or any of the sessions at a time that is more convenient to you. I know that one of the highlights of the week will be the presentations from ICB members, who will describe their own, very personal journeys, how they have made a success of their business and what they have learned from the experience. 

Invaluable insight.

This year’s Inspire Tour will use the fantastic platform that we used for last year’s hugely successful Virtual Summit, complete with chat rooms and links to other attendees so that you can see who else is watching. On Friday there will be a fun end to the week with an online quiz. How much do you know about ICB and bookkeeping? 

We are still testing this at the moment, but it will be ready for Friday, and I know it will be a fun way to wind down after a week of intense, inspirational content.

See you there.

ICB and proud

I am disappointed that so many ICB practices fail to carry the ICB crest and boast about the fact that they are ICB accredited, whereas most carry at least one software accreditation logo. ICB membership shows that you are a professional bookkeeper, that you have subjected yourself to the country’s most testing examinations and that you are part of a professional body that values high standards and integrity above commercial gain. Software accreditation, although important, only shows that you know how to use the software, it does not show that you are any good at inputting data correctly and then using it to help the businesses that depend upon you. It shows only that you have experience of using a tool; a bit like a gardener being accredited by Countax but forgetting to mention that he is a member of the RHS.  

ICB membership shows that you have experience working with small businesses and are certified by a globally recognised, independent professional body, recently voted Accountancy Body of the Year, and are licensed and regulated within an inch of your lives. Being a member of ICB says you are one of the best; you are good at what you do, and your support can be relied upon, through thick, thin, and even COVID.  

If you need a copy of the crest, this can be downloaded from the website but please contact us if you have any problems. Be ICB and be proud. Use the crest on everything you send out. Use your designatory letters. Boast about what you have achieved. You are an ambassador for ICB.