Some good news regarding OPBAS

The good news I have for you this month is that OPBAS is going to settle for its first option of invoicing ICB and several other professional bodies for a nominal £5000.  There had been plans to charge every professional body supervisor a fee based on the number of BOOMs in membership.  At one stage this was estimated to be as much as £47.00 per member. 

The bad news is that this decision is made retrospectively for the 2018/19 year, and ICB has already received and paid, but some of the larger bodies have been so critical that they are paying the lion’s share of the OPBAS running costs, that it is being looked at again.  We might therefore still end up with a higher fee at some stage. If so, the fee will be calculated per BOOM not per practice. We shall keep you informed.

The other good news is that ICB Director of Finance, Julius Tafura, has confirmed that the £5,000 fee for last year can be covered from reserves and no further fee, at least for last year, will be levied on members.


Go North, my team, go North

ICB External Events Team has just returned from Accountex North in Manchester.  Following on from the outstanding success of the ICB Inspire Tour, which this year took in fifteen cities, Accountex North is part of ICB’s continued commitment to reaching the parts that other bookkeeping and accountancy bodies don’t reach.  Although the number of bookkeepers and accountants attending the Manchester event is always much lower than the number attending the London event, the team had a great day and say the stand was busy.  The total number of people signing up to join ICB, asking for guidance on setting up a bookkeeping practice within their accounting firm, or who want to employ an ICB Bookkeeper, was significantly up on last year.  It was also a great opportunity for the ICB Team to meet up with ICB members who were at the exhibition.


Xerocon 13-14 November

Next stop for Team ICB will be Xerocon in November and we hope to meet many of you there again this year.  This is Gary Turner’s annual warm-up for the ICB Summit and is certainly growing year on year.


Global Bookkeeping Week 18-22 November

Plans are also already being finalised for Global Bookkeeping Week and the worldwide Raise-a-Cup Day, when bookkeepers across the world are encouraged to raise a cup of coffee in celebration of our worldwide community of professional bookkeepers.  Start planning your local events and let us know when and where you will be running a coffee morning.

You can read last year's roundup here


ICB Bookkeepers Summit – 25-26 November - tickets going fast

The year’s biggest bookkeeping event is, of course, the Bookkeepers Summit.  This year is the tenth Summit and building on the success of last year’s move to a hotel venue, returns to the Heathrow Radisson Edwardian Hotel and promises to be bigger and better than ever.

Members are really going to town on tickets for this year’s Summit.  Sales at the end of August were 48% ahead of sales to the end of August last year.  There will be a host of new speakers and topics, more exhibition stands and the usual top-class event with great food, great fun and even greater opportunities to meet your fellow bookkeeping professionals.

Summit is the platform for everything new and exciting in the profession and is a unique event for bookkeepers and students of bookkeeping.

You can book your Bookkeepers Summit ticket here.


It’s all about you and your business

You spend so much of your time telling others how to run their business and looking after their best interests.  But what about you and your business?  One of the underlying themes of this year’s Summit will be about ensuring your business is positioned to use the available technology to be better at what you do.  It’s not about cloud and apps – it’s about integration, scope and customer appreciation of what you do – using the cloud and the best apps and not getting over-clever or over-whelmed.  Working on your business to make it more focussed on the things that matter.

The two days are crammed with informative and stimulating content.  Monday opens with keynotes from renowned world thought-leaders with their take on what’s happening in your profession.  The second half of the day is filled with workshops and advice sessions.  In the evening is the hosted reception followed by the world-famous LUCA Awards Dinner, when ICB recognises the good and the great of our profession. Afterwards, it’s dance ‘till you drop at the awards disco, this year with special guests. Tuesday opens with more must-attend workshops and after lunch, the event is drawn to a close with the final keynote speeches.

Tickets are still on sale, but hurry.  They really are going faster than ever!

We’re all looking forward to seeing you there.

You can watch last year's Luca Awards highlights video here.


Luca Pacioli remembered

This month marks the five-hundred-and-twenty-fifth anniversary of the release by Fr Luca Pacioli in 1494 of his renowned Summa di Arithmetica, Geometrica, Proportioni et Proportionalita.  It was in this tome that he wrote down the principles of double-entry bookkeeping that would become the basis of all bookkeeping and accounting and would earn him the title ‘Father of Accounting’. Whilst this might not be by any means the first instance of a formalised system of accounting for commercial transactions, the Summa is unique in that it is the first known document to contain both the principles and working usages of double-entry bookkeeping  Ironically its necessity appears to have been dictated by the need to help the small businesses of the day better understand their accounts – and to pay their taxes.  Sound familiar?


LUCA Awards and Dinner

ICB decided ten years ago to recognise this momentous occasion for our profession, by naming the ICB annual awards after him.  The LUCA is a statue representation of the monk himself and has become the symbol of all that is best in our profession – the bookkeepers’ Oscar.  Could you be Bookkeeper of the Year?  Get your clients and your team to support your application and who knows.  One thing is certain – you have to be in it to win it!

Download the nomination forms and full list of criteria here