Did you get your 10 CPD points and have you won the selfie competition?

MTD is alive and kicking and, at the risk of sounding like an old record, I said all along that ICB Bookkeepers would take it fully in their stride and that all the peddlers of doom, gloom and despondency would be proved wrong. Having thrown the Millennium Bug, RTI and Auto Enrolment at you, I was supremely confident that you would all rise to this latest occasion with your normal fuss-less aplomb.  There may still be a few wrinkles to iron out and a few bugs in the system but when you look at the huge change that you have all helped bring in over the past few months, is it any wonder? Change on this scale cannot possibly be without a few hiccups – ask our examinations department.  So I think would be untoward of me not to offer a collective ICB congratulations to everyone at HMRC who have been living, eating and breathing this for goodness only knows how long.

Inverness was chosen as the venue to launch this year’s sixteen-city Inspire Tour.  We were greeted in on 12 March by sunshine and enthusiasm in equal amounts and it was a fitting start to this year’s campaign. 

My usual Ken Dodd-esque ‘you can get him on but you can’t get him off’ hogging of centre stage was this year punctuated by presentations from our three sponsors, FreeAgent, AutoEntry and Smart Vault and ICB’s very own  AML Compliance team of either Director Steve Hardwick or inspectors Mike Jardine or Dave Warner.

The 2019 Tour drew to a close last week as team ICB headed for the beautiful and welcoming city of Dublin.  Our fantastic journey took us all the way from Inverness to Dublin via Glasgow, Carlisle, Chester, Peterborough, Norwich, Plymouth, Bristol, Cardiff, Reading, St. Albans, Southampton, Crawley, London and Birmingham.  I was inspired by everyone who attended, I hope those who took part this year were likewise filled with another shot of enthusiasm, self-belief and determination.  Everyone seemed to enjoy it – well, I say everyone: Everything seemed to be going really well in Inverness until lunchtime, when an IAB member, who had registered to attend as a non-member, decided to leave, very upset that the morning had been “too ICB”.  Not totally surprising I suggested, but she was not happy. 

As the show of hands at every meeting confirmed my assertion that MTD was old news for ICB members, the hot topics of the day were how to take maximum advantage of emerging technology and what members needed to do to keep ahead of Anti-Money Laundering (AML).  New controls and procedures aimed at ensuring that ICB bookkeepers remained fully compliant were rolled out and members were told how to ensure that they are not duped into becoming the next group of ‘enablers’ for crooked business people.  The recent raft of questionnaires, letters and demands from ICB in relation to AML were explained in depth.  Members were reassured that this information would keep ICB at the forefront of the campaign to retain professional recognition.

If you couldn't make the Inspire Tour you missed a great opportunity to not only network with your fellow ICB students and members but you also missed a lot of information which is critical to you as an ICB bookkeeper.  ICB is planning a number of webinars covering a wide range of topics but don't forget to look out for your local ICB Branch events.  And of course, we all look forward to seeing you at the Bookkeepers Summit in November.