The Bookkeepers Summit is growing daily and, to be honest, I am finding it difficult to keep up with everything that is going on

ICB’s Ami Copeland sat through more countless hours of conference software presentations before deciding which reached the high expectations of ICB delegates.  There is a lot to live up to from previous fantastic Summits and what she has come up with is deserving of a LUCA in its own right.  It is a fantastic, interactive platform that allows you not only to watch presentations but also to ‘visit’ exhibitors, ‘meet’ your fellow attendees ‘face-to-face’ in a chat room (apparently you can reserve a ‘seat’ – yes, beats me too!) or see who else is watching a presentation whilst you are.  Of course, you can remain anonymous if you wish but all attendees will shortly be invited to add their profiles and photographs.  Your Bookkeepers Summit 2020 journey starts here.

Please be careful out there

Please make sure you all do whatever you can to remain safe and COVID-free. I know it is difficult because we have to meet people even if just in passing.  Members of the ICB Team have not been back to the office since 18 March, when we all upped telephones and computers and began working from home. But unfortunately, two of the Team have this week tested positive for COVID, so we are a bit depleted. Hopefully, you will not see any difference to what one member recently called “ICB’s bang on service”.

You shouldn’t have – but please continue

I am delighted that so many of you have been praising the efforts that ICB has gone to to keep you informed and supported throughout lockdown. 138 Branch meetings and 86 editions of ICBTV to mention just 224. I know there have been slips along the way, we are only human, but it is great to get your positive comments, not just because we  want to bask in our own glory (although we do) but because this is how we know we are on the right track and that we are giving you the correct support. Everything we do is for you, so please continue to tell us what you want, or do not want; what you could do without, or what you want more of.

More lightbulb moments

We had the first meeting yesterday of a sub-group of the Advisory Council, which is looking at support for members in their practices. The aptly titled Licence in Focus Team will certainly ‘LIFT’ the profile of practices beyond simply qualifications and AML by also looking at what else a good practice wants or needs to keep them at the top of their game. Claire Allen, Sylvia Bourhill, and Juliette McKenna were joined for the first meeting by June Carter and myself and I believe they plan to broaden out the team to include other members who want to provide input. We discussed a range of topics and I certainly came away with some new and fresh ideas that we are already working on. A very positive start.


I know you ICB Bookkeepers have been your usual magnificent selves throughout this unusual and challenging year, as do your clients, employers, families, and of course everyone here at ICB. Can you believe that for the past eight months you have all been working even harder but have also been doing so much to help keep businesses going? Many of you have been home schooling, some have been socially distancing and I know many of you have just about managed not to fall off the cliff edge.

So on Wednesday 18 November, in the middle of Global Bookkeeping Week, we are asking the whole world to recognise the over-and-above lengths that Bookkeepers have gone to to keep the world’s micro and small businesses running, by ‘raising a cup’ to say thanks and to get a collective and very highly deserved clap on the back. 

Please raise a cup yourself and take a selfie. Then please post it all over social media and include the hashtags #raiseacup and #GlobalBookkeepingWeek and tag @ICBUK and @ICB_Global so that everyone knows where you are from. Then also get your clients, employers, friends, and family all to do the same.  The more selfies the better.

This is going to be even bigger this year than ever, and we need you to raise a cup and be recognised. You can download our toolkit and get some more ideas from the Bookkeepers Summit microsite here: