You will soon be able to request cashback in shops without buying anything as the banks push ahead with the closure of its high street branches

Thousands of shops are expected to sign up to offer cash without the need to purchase anything in-store, following a pilot of 13 shops.

Banks have been trying to find ways to improve cashback options and even looked at joining with rivals in a bid to allay fears that their branch closure programmes will leave many vulnerable people unable to access their money.

A shared bank hub pilot scheme in South Lanarkshire and Essex, run by campaign group Access to Cash Action, will also be extended. It will now run until at least April 2023. The Post Office has supported the trial of banking hubs, providing a dedicated counter service to private customers and SMEs. Crucially it allows local businesses to deposit and withdraw cash.

This is not the first time that shared hubs have been trialled. A scheme ran in 2003.