We found some Christmas cracker jokes on Fluidly’s website, and as it’s the season for sharing, you can find them below. We have also added a few ‘jokes’ of our own. Don’t groan too much, but these jokes do come with an elf warning… 

What is the employment tax status of Santa’s helpers?


How does Santa’s accountant value his sleigh?

Net Present Value

Why did Santa have four booster seats and seatbelts on his sleigh?

Because of elf and safety!

Why did Santa get in trouble with the taxman? 

He missed the deadline on his elf-assessment

Why does Santa like to visit the UK?

He can claim Gift Relief

Where do elves hedge their bets?

On the stocking exchange

What is the biggest overhead in Santa’s accounts?

Private elf insurance 

Have a great Christmas and calc-u-later.