ICB Global founders, Garry and June Carter, share their story of ICB's first 25 years, in an insightful and delightful podcast with ICB Australia

UK's sister organisation, ICB Australia, invited global founders Garry and June to appear on the tenth episode of their hugely popular Heart of the Bookkeeper Podcast. Podcast host and ICB member-turned-staffer, Rob Marshall, bills the episode as 'a fascinating insight into many aspects of the world of Bookkeeping,' and says it 'delves into how it all began, what shaped Bookkeeping in the UK and further afield in the past 25 years and what the Carters believe Bookkeeping will look like in the years ahead.'

In this illuminating and heart-warming podcast Garry and June discuss their reasons for first setting up the Institute back in 1996 with June saying, 'there was this army of women returners not only in the UK but around the world that was passionate about their work. I think what resonates with me is that the bookkeeper will find the 50p....it has to be right, it has to balance. They're passionate about the work they do for the small business person and that's stayed the same, but the recognition wasn't there [in 1996]. They were kept down.'

Garry and June tell how what was called the Institute of Book-keepers quickly became the Institute of Certified Book-keepers with the support of the then Small Business Minister, and how the organisation came to have His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent as its Royal Patron. 

'June read an article one night in the office. We'd just started the Institute. We had a slightly oversized office and a slightly undersized staff at this point, and Prince Michael had been quoted as saying something like small businesses were the backbone of the UK and needed better financial management. June said "ring him up and ask him to be Patron." I said "you can't just do that!" But we ended up writing him a letter and said we were going to change the world of bookkeeping and small business and he said, "Come and see me."
The podcast charts how, in the beginning, the demand for Certified Bookkeepers outstripped supply yet now, 25 years later, ICB has students and members in over 142 countries across the world. Numbers that continue to grow despite the global pandemic and other challenges.
'We had 110,000 clients spread across our members [in the UK]. During Covid that went up by 11,000 clients.'
Touching on what makes bookkeepers so in-demand Garry said, 'when I talk to small businesses the one difference with a bookkeeper is they get someone talking to them in their language.'
Thanking the visionary couple for joining him, Rob Marshall said, 'Garry and June, I can't even start to tell you how much I've loved every single second of this. The central message that you've really brought out through this session is, whether you are in the UK or Australia, we have this amazing shared passion for what we do.'
June added, 'It's a great profession to be in....That's something about the bookkeeping profession and community - everyone is such a lovely person. I don't think we've ever met anybody that isn't. They are so friendly, so human and so connected it's great.'
Rob Marshall concluded the podcast saying, 'I speak on behalf of all Australian bookkeepers to thank both of you for the vision you saw back in the 1990s and what you created, it's also created something amazing here in Australia. We're very thankful for both of you and what you've done across that journey.
'To the Carters, we salute you!'

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