With the Tokyo Olympics now over, we're taking a look at what Olympians and ICB Certified Bookkeepers have in common. Hint: it’s more than you think


Like Olympians, ICB bookkeepers have a strong work ethic. An Olympian may spend hours on a track or in a swimming pool, but ICB Certified Bookkeepers often spend long hours providing the best possible service for their clients. This was exacerbated by the pandemic when, suddenly, bookkeepers had to rapidly upskill to help their clients with new schemes such as the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) and Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS) on top of their usual workload. Furthermore, many bookkeepers acted as a calming voice for their clients to help them get through the difficult times.


Part of being an Olympian is practising the minute details that go into your sport. Doing so is what can make the difference between winning a medal or not. Olympians know that by spending time perfecting the small details, their overall performance will improve. The same can be said for ICB Certified Bookkeepers. Part of being a bookkeeper is keeping a close eye on the detail in a client’s accounts whilst maintaining a broader view of the overall picture. This, similar to the Olympians, results in a better-looking set of accounts and more confident and empowered business owners.


Sport, particularly at the Olympics, is full of stories of athletes who have overcome grave difficulties in their life to compete in a sport they love. Countless ICB Certified Bookkeepers have also overcome difficulties in their life such as illnesses, workplace discrimination and unemployment, and managed to overcome these challenges to become professional bookkeepers and thrive in their bookkeeping careers.

One such example is bookkeeper Joanne Crompton MICB PM.Dip, who, despite working full time at an accounting firm, working part-time as a locomotive fireman and battling a rare form of cancer, studied to become a member of ICB and achieved Distinctions in both her Level 2 and 3 bookkeeping qualifications. We interviewed Joanne last year about her bookkeeping journey and were left feeling truly inspired. Check it out here.

The best at what they do

Most Olympians are already at the pinnacle of their sport and can truly be called ‘the best of the best’. Do you know who else is ‘the best of the best’? You guessed it: ICB Certified Bookkeepers. ICB is the world’s largest bookkeeping institute, providing a trusted benchmark for the bookkeeping profession. We pride ourselves on our rigorous bookkeeping qualifications and a demanding 85% pass mark, and we passionately ensure that only the best exemption applicants go on to become ICB members. 


The Tokyo Olympics may be over, but there are still awards to be won. There's one event where the winner takes home the silver medal and that's this year's 25th Anniversary Dinner and LUCA Awards. Entries for the awards open in September and you could win one of a limited number of special commemorative silver LUCAs to celebrate 25 years of ICB. Look out for updates on the website and on social media and start applying your detail-oriented work ethic to putting your inspiring story down on paper.

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