Are dogs a bookkeeper's best friend? We met treasured lock-down companions on latest episode of ICB TV...

First, we had ‘Thank Furlough it’s Friday’, then it was ‘Mike on a Monday’, now welcome to ‘Woofer Wednesday’…

Episode 119 of ICB TV saw regular host, and ICB President and Co-Founder, Garry Carter joined by members Beatrix Szasz MICB, Miranda Cracknell-Burt MICB PM.Dip, and Chrissie Aplin C.MICB PM.Dip, to introduce their furry friends and discuss wellness during lockdown. If you love dogs then this is one to put on your watchlist.

Garry showed off his new boxer puppy Berkeley, and his big concern was that he (the dog) was going to take two years to ‘grow up’! 

Chrissie’s King Charles Spaniel, Ziggy, was another star. She got her dog at the same time as she set up her Southampton-based practice, Caplin Bookkeeping, and it fits perfectly into her bookkeeping life. Ziggy spends most of the day on her lap and has been an accidental contributor to Zoom meetings. On top of being great company, Ziggy also helps Chrissie get away from the screen to stretch her legs. A real film lover, Chrissie spent a lot of time pre-lockdown at the cinema. She now uses Netflix and TV series as another distraction.  

Miranda has Staffordshire Bull Terriers, AKA 'staffies'. Having taken her son on as an apprentice, Miranda and he walk the dogs every lunchtime: “It means we are away from the office, giving us time to recharge, and we are more productive in the afternoon.” She can’t wait for the pools to reopen but is using online workouts to keep fit. “At least in front of the television no-one can see how bad you look,” she ventured! And, the dogs even try to join in with her home excercising. 

Beatrix has three dogs and runs a practice and ICB branch. The dogs usually get an hour's walk in the evening, but in winter this is changed to mornings. Beatrix takes them out even when she doesn’t want to! But, again she understands how good those walks are for her health and wellbeing. Beatrix has started networking online, although she is considering taking up yoga. 

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