From 1 July, Executive Director of ICB Australia, Matthew Addison, will be the new Chairmen of the Council of Small Business Organisations Australia (COSBOA)

Mark will head COSBOA’s expert panel on industrial relations.

Mark has been a chair for the organisation since October 2017, and as a board director since 2015, making him well suited to his new role.

Previously being a Chartered Accountant and running his own business, Mark is the founder of ICB Australia and represents ICB passionately around the world. ICB is global, and Mark has been a huge part of this. See what Mark said about his new role below:

‘’It is an honour to be an advocate for the bookkeeping community of ICB and the businesses with which they work. COSBOA has a multi-faceted industry membership which informs their business positive voice. We look forward to our further contribution.’’

We wish Mark the best of luck as the Chairmen of the Council of Small Business Australia!