CIMA exemptions, a new syllabus, and a pan-Eurasian conference on building transparency see ICB's, and its sister organisation ICFM's, presence grow in Russia and beyond.

ICB Global is a worldwide network with its headquarters in the UK. With established regional offices in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, the Philippines, Africa, India, and across Eastern Europe where ICB operates as the Institute of Certified Financial Managers (ICFM). ICB Global exists to protect and promote the profession of bookkeeping across the world, and to meet the needs of members who increasingly work internationally.

Over 15-17 October ICB Global representatives from Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Georgia moderated and spoke at the 2021 Eurasian Forum for Accountants and Auditors held in Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan. The purpose of the event was to gain international insight into improving transparency and accountability in financial management to enhance global trade and integration for countries across the Eurasian region.

Speaking at a video address to the delegation at the Eurasian Forum, Garry Carter said, 'I'm so pleased that ICB Global is offering qualifications in your country and you, like the 141 other countries in which we have members and students, have recognised the importance of the foundations that we lay now when teaching our people how to be good bookkeepers and good financial managers and, above all, to be professional and to understand the importance of the job and task that they carry out on a daily basis.'

Garry Carter took the opportunity to announce that ICB's Azerbaijan representative, Nuriyya Noruzova, would be honoured as a Companion of ICB, saying it is 'the highest honour we can bestow.' Further Companions will be announced at this year's LUCA Awards at the beginning of next month.

In another success for the region, ICB is pleased to have offered accreditation for ICFM Azerbaijan's newest syllabus, the Certificate in Advanced Bookkeeping, and is proud to announce that, earlier this year, ICFM Russia and CIMA agreed on the mutual recognition of their Russian diplomas. ICFM Russia and CIMA now offer exemptions to people who have achieved prescribed parts of the other body's qualifications. 

Vadim Bozhenik, head of CIMA in the Eurasia region said, 'A diploma of professional qualifications is not just put on the table and forgotten about. At CIMA, we always prioritize the demand for our students and graduates in the labour market. We see the recognition of our qualification as a kind of liquidity, its recognition by other market participants is really important, and we are glad that we managed to make another big step in this direction."

ICFM's chairperson for the Eastern European Council, Anastasia Rusakova, pointed to the increasing demand for flexible learning and professional development and added,  'We believe that a specialist should have the freedom to choose the way they want to achieve professionalism in their career.'

ICB is delighted to be welcoming our representatives from ICFM Ukraine to London for the 25th Anniversary Dinner and LUCA Awards on 1st November. 

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