A software error embedded in HMRC’s CJRS calculator could mean claims for the January period may need to be recalculated!

HMRC has admitted that there is a coding error in its CJRS calculator: “We are afraid our CJRS calculator on GOV.UK contained a software error, which we have now corrected.”

If you used the employee’s January 2020 pay in the CJRS calculation, then no changes are needed. 

Anyone who used the calculator before 21 January will need to recalculate their CJRS claim if, the claim contained employees, not on a fixed salary; if the employees January 2019 pay was used as a reference instead of 2020; and if the employee’s pay was different in January 2019 to January 2020. 

Once the recalculation has been made then the best ‘next move’ is to notify HMRC.