On 10 July 2024, HMRC published their bi-monthly Employer Bulletin Agent Updat.

We highlight some of the issues covered: 

  • Currently, if HMRC calculate that a tax repayment is due and the claim is not made online, they will send the taxpayer a cheque after 21 days.  The section ‘Tax calculation repayments for PAYE customers’ details how this process changed from 31 May 2024.  Cheques will no longer be issued and taxpayers will have to claim their repayments online (one option being to use a Government Gateway user ID.).  This can also be done via the Taxpayer’s Personal Tax Account
  • A reminder that the PAYE Settlement Agreement (PSA) payment of tax and National Insurance for 2023/24 is due by 22 October 2024.  However, the calculations must be submitted first via the ‘Tell HMRC the value of items in your PAYE Settlement Agreement
  • A Real Time Information (RTI) reminder where off-payroll workers are processed in the payroll and information submitted via the Full Payment Submission (FPS).  Where you are processing such a worker, remember to flag them with the ‘marker’ in the payroll
  • An article entitled ‘Reporting advances of salary when paid on account of earnings’ which is NOT about RTI reporting changes for what we refer to as salary advances
  • A reminder that the P11D and P11D(b) deadline has passed but the deadline for paying Class 1A National Insurance looms (19 July or 22nd if paying electronically).  There is also another section that highlights the importance of using the correct payment reference number.  This will ensure that the payment is not confused with the regular monthly PAYE payments in HMRC’s systems
  • An article on how HMRC are improving the Self-Serve Time to Pay service for PAYE and VAT customers.  This means that more employers are eligible to use the service
  • A reminder, if needed, that the Self-Assessment income threshold has increased from £100,000 to £150,000 for tax year 2023/24.  Do remember that this income threshold is not the only criteria for the obligation to file a tax return and you should refer to the ‘Check if you need to send a Self-Assessment tax return’ tool


For Bookkeepers

There is always good information in the Employer Bulletin, some of this repeated from previous Bulletins and all covered on the monthly Wages Wednesdays. 

Perhaps, the most important reminder in this edition is to ensure that any Class !A National Insurance payment is accompanied by the correct payment reference number.  This is 17-characters as follows: 

  • The 13-character Accounts Office reference followed by
  • 2413

2413 refers to the payment as being the 13th payment of tax year 2023/24.