With the virtual Luca Awards soon upon us, why not nominate yourself for an award? We spoke to some previous winners to see why you should


Michelle Smith

Michelle Smith MICB, Employer of the Year 2019, and Large Practice of the Year 2016 winner: ‘’People are normally reluctant to nominate themselves as they feel they aren’t good enough or in with a chance, but you’ve got put yourself out there. The application process for a Luca award is really good for your business mindset and helps remind you why you went into business in the first place. The PR of it is also hugely significant! You don’t even need to win the award to take advantage of that opportunity.’’



Adeolu Omosanya FICB, Employed Bookkeeper of the Year 2018: ‘’I was reluctant in the first place, I thought I had no chance on earth to win, but it's more about being confident in yourself, and what you’ve achieved so far. It might not seem like a big deal to you but it can be to someone else.’’



Sarah Douglas C.FICB, Small Practice of the Year 2014 winner: ‘’If you want to grow your practice, then the Luca Awards is one the best things to nominate yourself for. You should definitely consider nominating yourself for a Luca Award.



Caryl Gibson FICB, Branch Chair of the Year 2019, and Branch of the Year 2019 winner: ‘’The sense of satisfaction from receiving the award is immeasurable. It was one of my branch members who nominated me, so it made me feel like I was appreciated.’’



Nicole Atkinson MICB PM.Dip, Student of the Year 2019: ‘’It’s definitely worth the nomination because you never know what the outcome will be. I didn’t know that my training provider would choose me, and I didn’t know ICB would shortlist me, let alone win the award.’’



Gemma Griffiths MICB PM.Dip, Employed Bookkeeper of the Year 2019: ‘’Pick up the courage and vote for yourself, it’s such a prestigious award and to even be shortlisted is winning in itself!’’ 

So, go and nominate yourself! All nominations will be considered by a panel and the details of the five shortlisted nominees in each category will be released on 28th October. The nomination form can be found here

You can find further information about this year’s Luca Awards on the ICB Global Annual LUCA Awards page.