In 1918 the Representation of the People Act gave (some) women the vote in GB and N Ireland. Throughout this centenary year ICB will be honouring 100 inspiring and influential women bookkeepers


Emmeline Pankhurst Dinah Scudder Elizabeth Arden Clare Mannall

Emmeline Pankhurst

Dinah Scudder CFICB Elizabeth Arden Clare Mannall FICB
Claire Packham
Paula Veysey-Smith CFICB Margaret Crawford FICB Nicola Paddy FICB Claire Packham FICB
Nannie Helen Burroughs June Carter  
Nannie Helen Burroughs June Carter Carol Webb FICB PM.Dip Grace Ayanfalu AICB

    Who inspires you?


Email us here to nominate your bookkeeping role model,
or even yourself, and help us celebrate
the inspiring women of our profession

 Valentina Hogg AICB  June Martino Caryl Gibson FICB
Judith Hoback Miller
 Mary MacArthur  Betsie ten Boom  Victoria Lidiard  Kate Gleason
 Lucy Brown FICB PM.Dip  Arianna Helm MICB PM.Dip  Kirsty St. John AICB PM.Dip  Augusta Moses AICB
 Louise Moore AICB PM.Dip  Clare-Marie Richardson MICB PM.Dip  Louise Woodhouse MICB  Jaye Snell AICB PM.Dip
 Joanne Turner FICB PM.Dip  Jo Finch AICB  Steph Busby AICB PM.Dip  Romana Acosta Bañuelos
 Julie Austen FICB Claire Naylor AICB PM.Dip   Susan Lang AICB  Lucretia Newman Coleman
 The Langham Place Group  Susan B. Anthony  Dr Ruth Coles Harris  Florence Tunks
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