Steph set up her own business, following in her parents' footsteps

Steph’s earliest memories are of watching her mother complete manual double-entry journals, as part of running her own businesses until she retired. Steph went on to gain a degree in International Business Studies, later working for a limited company where she produced management accounts and liaised with the company’s accountants. However, she wanted to be her own boss and run her own business like her parents. After her third child was born, Steph enrolled with ICB and in just over a year, she gained enough qualifications to open her own bookkeeping practice.

Steph’s business grew to gain 35 clients within three years of establishing the company, some of which were gained through networking. While Steph admits that meeting potential clients was an initially daunting task, she overcame her trepidation and is now confident in presenting herself to potential clients. Consequently, her clients are always commenting on how personable and approachable Steph is.

One of Steph’s favourite things about being an ICB Bookkeeper is being able to make perfect sense out of a box of receipts her clients give her. The process of turning receipts into a neatly filed, coherent set of accounts is something Steph really enjoys. She has a variety of clients, from a hairdresser to a bed and breakfast, which means that no two days are the same.

 The main woman Steph is inspired by is her mother, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s three years ago. Her mother still sorts her receipts, out of habit from years of running her own businesses. Earlier this year, Steph completed a 70-mile trek in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society, and many of the walks were along the same routes Steph used to walk with her mother. It was an emotional challenge, but Steph was joined by family and friends to relive the memories she shared with her mother.

A mantra Steph lives by is ‘don’t be afraid to fail, as a fail means the First Attempt In Learning’. Steph says,

“Don’t be scared to make mistakes. Go at your own pace and enjoy the experience of being your own boss. It is hard, but it is so rewarding to see your dreams come true.”

You can find Stephanie’s business here:

> www.busbysbookkeepingservices.co.uk

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