Claire originally trained in banking but retrained after having her first child. She had always been interested in accountancy and decided to pursue a career in bookkeeping, as it also offered the flexibility she needed to raise her children. Claire used the knowledge she gained during her banking career and has just celebrated her tenth year in practice.

Claire has faced some challenges during her ten years in practice, the biggest challenge being the passing of her mother in October 2015. Following this, Claire became unwell and struggled to balance working and looking after her family. She was later diagnosed with bipolar disorder and spent some time in a psychiatric hospital for treatment. Claire worried that her diagnosis would affect her professional career, but she overcame these fears with the help and support of her family. She also credits her wonderful clients who were all very understanding.

Claire enjoys helping businesses identify areas where they can save money or further their business plan and she is excited about the future of the bookkeeping profession. She believes that the profession is evolving and that ICB Bookkeepers will continue to provide advice and support to businesses in the age of increased digitalisation.

Claire’s future plans include continuing to learn and extending her knowledge, helping her clients reach their business goals and spending time with her children as they grow up.

One piece of advice Claire would give to other businesswomen is,

 “Never give up even if you feel like you should. If you believe in something, go for it!”

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This is part of our year-long #ICB100Women Campaign honouring 100 influential and inspiring women bookkeepers, to celebrate the suffrage centenary. 

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