We are making a change to some of our prices...

It's been a challenging few years for all of us, and ICB bookkeepers and payroll agents have worked tirelessly to keep the UK economy going. I'm proud of what we have achieved together and grateful that ICB has managed to keep its own doors open without laying off any of our incredible team or putting anyone on furlough.
Running a small business like ours, even with its global presence and members spread across world, means hard work and sleepless nights at the best of times! My heart goes out to all of you who are also running your own business or supporting small business clients and employers.
The pandemic has had a significant and sustained impact on our economy, and again I am grateful that we were able to put a price freeze on our fees which have stayed the same since 2019. However, we can't ignore the rising costs that affect us as a business, and the time has come for us to make a small increase.
From 1st June our membership fees and practice licence fees will increase by £10 per year, the equivalent of 83p per month. The price of each exam will also increase by £10.
We are committed to keeping our fees as low as possible so that professional membership of ICB can effectively 'pay for itself'. ICB members can now enjoy up to three free online CPD webinars each month dependant on membership grade; Jacquie's Technical Tuesday, her GOV.UK Roundup, and Ian Holloway's Wages Wednesday. We also continue to host our monthly onboarding webinars for new practices and provide our unlimited technical support line to all members to assist you with those tricky questions that come up in your busy working day.
Collectively you save around £150,000 a year through ICBenefits, the discounts scheme that is available to every student and member. The cost of running this scheme comes out of the ICB budget and therefore it is free at point of use. You can save on everything from groceries (Aldi, Asda, Morrisons, Ocado, Tesco, Sainsbury's, Waitrose) to travel ( Uber, Avis, Booking.com, Lastminute.com) We know you will be feeling the pinch, and ICBenefits is there to help lighten the load.
Raising our fees is not a decision we take lightly but we must make the increase to continue to support you and be the trusted benchmark for the bookkeeping profession. Bookkeepers are getting more recognition and more work than ever. We pride ourselves on supporting you with the credentials, the credibility, the content, the CPD, the career progression, the collective voice and the community that truly differentiate Certified ICB bookkeepers and empower you to continue to support businesses up and down the country.