Membership and examination documents

Bookkeeping is the fastest growing area of the accountancy profession and advances in accounting tech, combined with evolving compliance regulation such as MTD, have meant a rapid increase in the number of individuals and businesses who are approaching ICB to apply for recognition and supervision.

As a result, during this particularly busy period, we have failed to meet our own standards of timely customer service and regret that, in some cases, students and members have been waiting longer than normal to receive important mail, including membership cards and qualification certificates.

We would like to apologise for these delays and for not having met our commitment to a fast turnaround for postal items as we exhausted our stock faster than anticipated. If you have been affected we are grateful to you for your patience and understand how important your membership items are to you. We would like to reassure you that we are now fully stocked and back to business as usual. If you are still waiting for something in the post, you should expect to receive it very shortly, however please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or concerns.

As the profile of the bookkeeping profession continues to rise we have also seen an influx of job vacancies added to the site and we would recommend any ICB Bookkeeper who is looking for either employment or contracted work to visit the job vacancies section of the site regularly.

ICB head of communications, Ami Copeland commented, ‘It’s exciting to see that in May this year there are three times as many bookkeeping jobs being posted to the site than this month last year. It is testament to the reputation of our members and the value that they bring to the UK’s businesses by being not just a bookkeeper, an ICB Bookkeeper! Good luck everyone in finding rewarding, challenging work - business owners need your help!’

Job vacancies can be viewed here:

>> www.bookkeepers.org.uk/Resources/Bookkeeping-Jobs