The Carer’s Leave Act 2023 and (draft) Carer’s Leave Regulations 2024 make changes to the Great British Employment Rights Act 1996 and introduce a new statutory leave entitlement from 06 April 2024.

New guidance has been published in the ‘Holidays, time off, sick leave, maternity and paternity leave’ of Gov.UK which explains how this will work.  

If you are an employer, you need to be aware of this new unpaid statutory entitlement which may require the creation of a new policy.  If you are involved in payroll processing, this will affect you.  As it is an unpaid statutory entitlement, this may mean adjusting pay.  If companies develop an occupational policy to make payments, this may mean setting up a new pay element.

For Bookkeepers

With all new legislation, there is terminology you will need to understand.  In a simple explanation, an eligible employee will have an unpaid statutory entitlement to Carer’s Leave of 1 week in the relevant period.