Forget Ant and Dec, Morecambe and Wise, and even Laurel and Hardie, ICB TV has Garry and Jacquie!

Garry Carter, and his partner in ‘crime’ Jacquie Mount, have become everyone’s ‘go to’ Friday indulgence, and recently moved to a new time slot – 2 o’clock.  

ICB TV has now racked-up an amazing 77 episodes. 

On the menu on this Furlough Friday was local grants in local lockdowns, fraudulent claims, VAT, and pensions.  

Be warned, however, Christmas turkeys and trees did come up in conversation, and Garry reminded everyone that there are now just 98 days to go to the big day.  

More importantly, there are now just nine weeks to the Bookkeepers Summit, and Garry promised the best online conference ever. Details are coming so watch this space… 

Check out all the shows here.