We are delighted to announce that Comma is the newest software to receive ICB Accreditation.

Lara Manton MICB

Comma is an open banking platform. In its simplest form it is a link between your accounting system and the business’ bank account. It works with most accounting platforms and a
significant number of banks (the notable exception being Metro bank as it doesn’t use Open Banking yet).
The idea behind it is that for small businesses the process of paying suppliers and employees  has not really progressed in the same way that other business processes have. It is still highly time consuming and manual for something that is one of the most important back office operations. For any business using an accounting platform, the majority of the key information is stored within that, the supplier details, amounts, references etc. but in order to pa y that supplier
all that data needs to be rekeyed into the bank. Comma looks to take the benefits of the cloud based accounting systems and implement the same improvements into paying suppliers and

As part of our accreditation process, each product is thoroughly reviewed by an ICB member, following a set of strict evaluation criteria such as value for money, customer service, and more. Comma's review was done by Lara Manton MICB, who said:

"Getting access to banking and making payments for clients can be a stressful experience for both the clients and bookkeepers. Not all clients want to give bookkeepers access especially at the beginning of a relationship, and n ot all bookkeepers want to take on the liability of making payments. Comma is the product to solve those issues. The client still has full access, control, and final sign off on the payments, but in a much easier way."

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