Jaye Snell MICB PM.Dip reviews new bridging software solution

Rison have developed Dolio, a cloud based MTD bridging software, as an easy to use, cost effective solution for both SMEs and larger enterprises. The main aim of the HMRC approved software is to provide a simple system in which businesses can raise invoices, record expenses and manage VAT in an MTD compliant way.

A standalone product in its own right, Dolio also boasts a powerful Xero integration, providing a vital gateway for the exchange of raw data whilst retaining the integrity of wider information usually reserved for use by advisors during the year end process. Along with the base product, Dolio Plus provides a free of charge platform for bookkeepers and accountants to view and enter data on behalf of Dolio clients and submit VAT returns each quarter.

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ICB's member reviewer, Jaye Snell MICB PM.Dip says:

"Dolio as an MTD solution reduces the room for error and the tedious import/export processes experienced when using more traditional bridging systems supported by the larger players of the MTD scene. It’s an easy to use software package ideal for small businesses, start-up companies and the tech adverse who need a simplified record keeping system inclusive of the basic features to comply with the digitisation of VAT record keeping, without the headache of multiple menus and a hefty price tag."

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