We are delighted to announce that Xenon Connect has received ICB accreditation!

Xenon Connect is a powerful toolkit for Xero and QBO users which identifies bookkeeping errors and helps you fix them.

As part of our accreditation process, each product is thoroughly reviewed by an ICB member, following a set of strict evaluation criteria such as value for money, customer service, and more. Xenon Connect's review was conducted by Lara Manton MICB who said:

"It’s impossible to be perfect, after all, we’re only human. Little things slip through, a duplicate here, mis-coding there, or a client does their own bookkeeping and you end up with a mouse in the fixed asset code. That’s where Xenon comes in, it’s a second set of eyes across everything, to give you peace of mind. At a glance, you can make sure that you’re happy with everything, whether that’s a month-end, year-end or when preparing a VAT quarter. 

The core product allows you to easily check the anomalies and gives you and your clients the assurance that everything is correct for a price that makes it accessible for even the smallest clients. The added extras give you discussion starters or information to help avoid scope creep."  

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