We are delighted to announce that ApprovalMax has received ICB Accreditation.

ApprovalMax is a workflow system for managing the whole accounts payable and receivable process. Designed for slightly larger businesses that have the need for multi-level approval processes, whether that be by various levels of management or different teams and departments. Perfect for charities, companies with separate buying and finance departments, or indeed bookkeepers working as outsourced accounts departments who want clients to have the final sign off on posting.

Lara Manton Small Practice of the Year

As part of the accreditation process, each product is thoroughly reviewed by an ICB member, following a set of strict evaluation criteria such as value for money, customer service, and more. ApprovalMax's review was completed by Small Practice of the Year 2021 LUCA Award winner, Lara Manton MICB, who stated:

"If you are working with clients with multiple team members, that are buying from external sources, or have a separate sales team, then this is a fantastic addition. It certainly stops the need for pieces of paper being passed round the office for each approver to sign, often getting lost or misplaced between in-trays. By keeping everything in one place in the cloud, with full visibility and accountability, your clients can speed up the process, monitor their team’s productivity and get everything into the accounting system in a far more efficient way."

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To celebrate their new accreditation, ApprovalMax are giving away a FREE Ebook 'A Bookkeeper's guide to approving invoices efficiently.' 

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