Receipt Bank and Taxfiler achieve ICB accreditation

Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank is a cloud-based data entry extraction tool used for business invoices and receipts. It was founded in 2010 to try and find a better way to track expenses and to share these with Accountants and Bookkeepers. Their aim is for you to “spend less time on manual tasks and more time adding value for your clients.” They hope to be the perfect solution for anyone aiming to become a ‘trusted advisor’. 

The independent ICB member reviewer, Jo Wood FICB PM.Dip of DGR Business Services and Jo Wood Virtual FD said:

"I feel like Receipt Bank offer a great product and service. They set out to help businesses, Bookkeepers and Accountants improve data sharing and they have done this and more. Speeding up the data entry in the way they have done, means you can spend more time becoming a trusted advisor and offering additional services to your clients that will help their business and yours."

You can read Jo's full review below.

 Receipt Bank review



Taxfiler is cloud-based award-winning accountancy and tax software, Winning ‘Accounts Production Software of the Year’ 2018 at the Accountancy Excellence Software Awards and ICB’s ‘Accounts & Tax Software Award’ 2018. It is designed specifically for bookkeepers and accountants however for a one-off fee a single return can be filed. Use Taxfiler to prepare and file accounts for companies, partnerships, individuals and trusts. 

The independent ICB member reviewer, Lucy Brown FICB PM.Dip of Capella Bookkeeping said:

"As the name suggests Taxfiler aims to meet all the tax filing requirements and challenges of micro practices.  It is my opinion that they succeed in their mission. Taxfiler is an intuitive piece of software.  It is easy to navigate and each button performs as you’d expect.  If Taxfiler detects errors in your work it will alert you and provide a direct link to fix the problem."

You can read Lucy's full review below.

 Taxfiler review

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