Float cashflow software achieves ICB Software Accreditation

Tired of fighting against the cashflow current? Get on board and start using Float today!

ICB has awarded Software Accreditation to Float, an online cash management and forecasting tool that integrates with Xero, QuickBooks Online and Free Agent. The independent member reviewer, Susan Lang AICB says,

Susan Lang AICB
'I will certainly be continuing to use the software and can see the benefits it will offer to my business; no going back to spreadsheets now!'
Susan Lang AICB
Float software reviewer
Susan Lang Consultancy

The Float Partner Programme offers bookkeepers up to a 70% discount on the software as well as free training, unlimited staff logins and a free Float account for your own bookkeeping practice. Please follow the link for more information:


Some of the other features of the software include:

  • Time saving – taking away the need for manual data entry
  • Automatic daily refresh with cloud accounting software – every 24 hours, Float automatically imports data from the linked accounting software to show how much cash has moved in and out of a business
  • Future bank balance predictions – Float predicts cash movement based on due dates of bills and invoices

Float is an intuitive application that enables users to plan long-term and make informed decisions on the direction of their business, including whether they can afford to take on a new employee or take cash out of the business. 

You can read Susuan Lang AICB's review here:

pdf Float Software Review