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07 Dec 2015
01:00 PM
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National statistics show that businesses are turning to their bookkeepers for help and guidance with the government's new auto-enrolment pensions scheme and this means that ICB members have to be ready to take advantage of this massive opportunity. Because you are a member of ICB you can now offer your employer or clients a comprehensive pensions solution. It's a great way to impress employers, retain clients and win new business.

You can’t have missed the entrance of ‘Workie’ the workplace pension to your TV screens and computers. Whether or not you think it’s ridiculous, the big furry 'pension' has really got people talking. This new national media campaign is targeting the tens of thousands of employers for whom time is running out to start preparing to offer a pension to their employees. The campaign means that awareness of workplace pensions among both clients and employers will be at an all-time high; making this the ideal time for you to seize the opportunity that the Auto-enrolment signing-up deadline offers.  As a member of ICB you can now assist your employer or clients through this difficult transition process and give them yet another massive benefit of using an ICB Certified Bookkeeper.

ICB has partnered with LEBC and Aviva to create ICB Pension Solutions, which will launches its online offering in the next few weeks. This offering can be used by you as an ICB member if you need to offer a pension scheme but can now also be offered to your employer or clients. The scheme provides employers with a simple, safe and quick solution that not only fulfils their legal obligations but also provides employees with a retirement package from one of the country's best known and respected names in pensions.

To mark the launch, ICB Pension Solutions is hosting a series of webinars to show just how easy the process is and how you can use this opportunity to create a new strand to your full service practice. From how to analyse the workforce to the actual process of obtaining the pension, ICB Pension Solutions will help you every step along the way. So make sure you sign up to enjoy the webinar and make the most of this opportunity.

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