ICB has partnered with Jordans to provide essential services at an exclusive rate to ICB Members

Company services for bookkeepers from the market leaders

ICB has teamed up with the Jordans Group to bring ICB members a unique package of services designed to help you deliver an end-to-end accounting, company formation and company secretarial support service to your clients. We understand that resources can be short, and processes complex or time-consuming. So take advantage of our support package and let us take the strain.

Accounting services

Whether you have a working arrangement in place or are seeking a partner you can trust, Jordans Accounting Services provide a flexible, cost-effective service that fits your needs.We’ll tailor a bespoke service for you from our extensive range:

  • Preparation of financial statements from your records
  • Electronic Companies House filing
  • Corporation tax computation
  • Electronic HMRC tax filing
  • Technical support and advice at the end of the ‘phone

With Jordans, you’ll continue to be your client’s first point of contact and we’ll work with you throughout the process so you have complete control. And there are other benefits too:

  • Maintain control of the client relationship
  • Simplified AML process as we can place reliance on your client due diligence
  • Agreed turnaround times
  • No duplication of work or fees
  • Competitive agreed fees
  • Reduced cost to end client and member firm due to the above benefits.

Depending on the decision made by the member firm this can result in increased margin per client. Even better, Jordans Accounting Services is practice assured and regulated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW). You will have peace of mind as our team includes fully qualified accountants, VAT and tax experts.

Company formations

Running a business as a limited company can confer many benefits. Key, of course, is the protection of personal assets through limited liability as well as business name protection, commercial kudos and potential tax advantages. But it’s a big step. So whether you are considering incorporation for yourself or your client, you’ll want to be sure that the company you set up will be fit for purpose. With Jordans formations service, you can be confident that the company you form will be right first time, every time – you’re working with the market leaders after all. We’ll make sure that the incorporation process is simple and straightforward through the exclusive ICB members’ online portal. And ICB members enjoy generous discounts too.

Exclusive Discounts

Company secretarial support

Of course, with the benefits of limited company status come the statutory obligations. We can help here too. Our company
secretarial support package includes

  • Annual return filing with Companies House
  • Maintenance of company registers

Our company secretarial experts will ensure that everything is as it should be, so you can be satisfied that you or your clients are compliant with all your Companies House obligations.

About Jordans

Working with Jordans makes perfect sense. We’ve been supporting companies for more than 150 years and forming and looking after companies is what we do best. By partnering Jordans you are:

  • Working with the market leaders
  • Accessing expert support for you and your clients
  • Safe in the knowledge your client relationship will be respected
  • Accounting or company secretary services

For any queries you may have about our accounting
or company secretary offering, please contact Julia Wakerley:
T 0117 918 1535
E icbenquiries@jordanstrustcompany.com

Any questions you may have about the best type of company 
to meet your requirements or the formation process itself,
contact Karen Bowley: 
T 0117 918 1271
E icbenquiries@jordanstrustcompany.com


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