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Sage Payroll P60 email wont work

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Hi all 

Having got to the end of my first payroll tax year using sage (previously used moneysoft) I have now to provide P60. It seems that the only way that sage will produce a P60 is the email verion otherwise it seems I have to buy sage stationary and print. Does anyone know how to get the email option to work I currently export the payslips to PDF then send as attachment but I cant find this option for the end of year process I would rather email as employees are happier with this option. I use Gmail which sage wont support I have tried to set up an outlook account but I have office 2013 which does not have outlook so I am using the app which sage doesnt seem to support either. I never had any of this trouble with moneysoft cant believe there is not a way to get email P60 in sage which I was led to believe is the must use software any help much appreciated 


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I was also having the same problem which was a casuing problem. The problem is really harassing it and I cannot use my chromebook now. 

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Hello alan!

Thanks for the help.


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