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Pricing software

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Hi All,

Does anyone use any software for pricing / running their practice other than Cloud Pricing? I'm looking to move away from per hour pricing and am interested in alternatives.



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I don't but I'm interested to hear what others say.

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Likewise.  It's something I've been putting off because I don't know where to start.  Would be very interested to see any replies as well :))

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ICB has just signed an MOU with Practice Ignition and their head of accounting, Trent McLaren, presented a really interesting keynote at the Bookkeepers Summit. We hope to be hearing more about their platform in the new year, but I think it would be worth getting in touch with them. An ICB Bookkeepers once descibed it to me 'as if Go Proposal and Go Cardless had a baby.' 

Trent McLaren's Bookkeepers Summit keynote slides:

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Also, here is the ICB Software Accreditation review for Practice Ignition. It was carried out by Sue Lang MICB (who also did a keynote at the Summit):

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I am also interested in looking at a pricing structure other than hourly billing.

I looked at practice ignition and it does look great, but I think this is more suited to larger practices and is not necessarily good for the smaller sole trader.

I do all of the bookkeeping for my clients including setting up payments of their bills, so do not have issues in being paid. I also don't have loads of proposals to send out to potential clients so this is also not an issue for me at this stage.

My situation is that I have a number of long-term clients that are on hourly billing and I would like to move those over to value priced.  I am not sure how to actually go about doing that, how to justify/explain it to my clients and am not sure how to determine the fee to charge and how to make up 3 options for clients to choose from.

If anyone has any thoughts on how to go about this I would be grateful to hear them.

Thanks, Claire

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