Bookkeepers and businesses right across the world are coming together to celebrate Global Bookkeeping Week 2018 between 19 and 23 November.

The schedule of events taking place will celebrate the profession and the vital work bookkeepers do to support micro and small businesses on a global scale. 2017 saw bookkeepers in 110 countries taking part in this fantastic celebration of bookkeeping. All the way from Melbourne to Manchester, bookkeepers took part in meet-up groups, webinars, and much more, to celebrate the crucial work that they do around the world.

Once again ICB will be running the popular ICB Global Bookkeepers Global Coffee Meet-up, this year taking place on Wednesday 21 November. Last year’s celebrations caused a media sensation and somewhere in the region of 100,000 bookkeepers across the world got involved through social media. This year is your chance to join in with your fellow peers in ‘raising a cup’ to your profession, and there will be plenty of prizes for the best picture! Some of the best from last year are pictured here, so as you can see the competition is pretty fierce!

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Wednesday 21st November

  • Main event: ICB Bookkeepers Global Coffee Meetup:  where we encourage ICB members to get together for networking and motivation, over a cup of coffee and submit a selfie “raising a cup” to the profession.

More events added soon


ICB founded the European Federation of Bookkeepers, bringing together the leading bookkeeping bodies from European member states.

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ICB's Australian CEO, Matthew Addison, operates from offices in Melbourne.

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