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My very first client !!

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Good Morning Folks

I hope you're all well. I may have my first potential client ! I went to see him yesterday in order to find out details about his business.

He is an events organiser/entertainer. He does a number of things in respect of that:
He builds rides for kids to go on at fun fairs
He narrates/writes scripts for children's stories which are told during such family events
He entertains kids at such events and birthday parties by showing off his incredible juggling skills.
He is sometimes approached by companies to organise a family event at eg. the local park and he rings around to get eg. clowns and other entertainers to perform at the event.

His turnover up to April 2017 was around £1200 but he said he is going 'big' and anticipating a turnover of around £50k this financial year !! However, one single invoice could be around 10k.

Since this is my first client and I want to ideally use the pricing menu for him, could someone be kind enough to tell me what things I need to include on the menu and how much to charge?

Thanks in advance for your responses.

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Hi Geek84,


Well done on  getting the ball rolling in regards to your first client!!! Laughing


In regards to a pricing menu you may wish to consider the amount of time you will require to do his work - to begin with this is an unknown.

Cost of software - look around I personally prefer QB & Xero but I still use excel for a few clients.

The amount of support and whether the clients will have online access, how often you will provide business updates.

I tend to sign up a client on a 3 month basis that we will charge hourly then review with a monthly price plan allowing you to see how much work will be involved.


Everyone is different and you will find a way that works for you - i hope this helps.




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Thanks Leanda

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