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ICB supports members at all stages of their careers. Whether you qualified with us to return to work, set up your own business, gain financial independence, change career or to keep yourself busy in retirement; we congratulate you on taking an important decision and investing in your future.

As an ICB member, you can use the bookkeeping jobs pages to browse bookkeeping vacancies from companies looking to employ someone with an ICB qualification, or to pick up private clients if you have a Practice Licence and are running your own business.

You can also use this part of the website to get hints and tips on finding work and preparing for interviews.

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Your career as a bookkeeper

The ICB qualification is recognised by The Financial & Legal Skills Partnership (formerly FSSC) which states:

FSLP logo You could work for virtually any type of company in every business sector, or in the public sector for organisations such as local councils, educational establishments like colleges/universities and the NHS.

You might also be a self-employed bookkeeper for a number of small businesses.

Opportunities exist throughout the UK. Some organisations have small teams, where duties will be quite varied, possibly extending with experience to accounts payable/receivable, payroll and credit management.

There are opportunities for bookkeepers to work overseas although having a second language as well as an awareness of any regulatory or cultural differences will be important.Large administrative and operational centres may have specific bookkeeping, accounting technician and professional roles.

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The Financial and Legal Skills Partnership is a strategic, independent, employer-led organisation which aims to enhance professionalism and talent for finance, accountancy and legal & financial services across the nations and regions of the UK.


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Bookkeeping opened up so many doors for my career." Roberta Woodcock FICB
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