Florence Tunks was a suffragette and a bookkeeper

Suffragettes Florence Tunks and Evaline Burkitt were convicted of arson after setting fire to the Bath Hotel in Felixstowe, Suffolk on 28 April 1914. Florence was a bookkeeper and Evaline was a secretary.

The fire destroyed the hotel, although an annexe survived and was later converted into part of a hospital. The arson was part of the campaign to get the vote for women. Florence was 22 years old when the incident occurred and was jailed for nine months. She was later released under a general amnesty not long after the outbreak of World War One.

A plaque was unveiled on what remains of the building, which claims that ‘this was the last major Suffragette action before WWI’. 

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This is part of our year-long #ICB100Women Campaign honouring 100 influential and inspiring women bookkeepers, to celebrate the suffrage centenary.