ICFM Ukraine was founded in September 2007 by Helen Khorikova and Aleksander Butenko

ICFM Ukraine is a non-profit organisation that conducts qualified training at Levels 5 - 9 of the National System UK qualifications. The ICFM programme is based on the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) as maintained by the IFAC & IAESB. The full ICFM programme is over 500 hours.

Helen Khorikova, owner and co-founder of ICFM Ukraine, has 25 years of experience in consulting and education including implementing international programmes. She was recognised by multiple Ukrainian government awards. Ms Khorikova is an initiator of the official bookkeeping holiday (The Day of Bookkeeper) in Ukraine, organiser and initiator of International European, Eurasian Forums and Conferences, as well as a co-founder of many competitions for students in the field of accounting and auditing and much more. 

ICFM Ukraine offers Associates Membership and the following qualifications:

Three basic qualification levels:

•    1 level PFM Qualification “Professional Financial Manager (PFM)”, Dip PFM

•    2 level СFM Qualifications “Certified Financial Manager (СFM)”, Dip CFM

•    3 level CFD Qualification “Certified Financial Director (CFD)”, Dip CFD

Additional programmes:

•    Professional Internal Auditor Dip PIA

•    Certified Professional Internal Auditor Dip CPIA

•    Finance for Non-Financial managers MFM

The purpose of ICFM is to actively support specialists in the financial sector and provide training in international and management accounting. We help finance professionals implement a modern approach to solving issues to ensure that financial management is effectively integrated into the organsation to better serve its goals and objectives.

International certification and training on ICFM programmes offer certification and membership for professionals in the field of management, finance and accounting, IFRS and IAS, internal audit, and legal aspects. We apply advanced European technologies, wide international experience and generally accepted standards of business education.

The syllabuses of the levels have been developed so that they are functional for students with different levels of knowledge and experience.

On 07 June 2023 ICFM & ICB Ukraine and National Commission for Securities and Stock Market of Ukraine signed a Memorandum on enhanced cooperation and partnership. The purpose of the memorandum is to attract new investors, restore capital markets through joint support and participation in international events. In particular, the parties agreed to involve specialists from the National Commission in qualifications training and participation in events of ICFM & ICB Ukraine.

Ruslan Magomedov, Chairman of the Commission: 'Thanks to friendly Great Britain and its specialists for supporting the Ukrainian capital market. I am confident in the effective results of our joint work for the economic future of Ukraine.'

Helen Khorikova, CEO and Co-Founder of ICFM Ukraine: 'We are grateful for our joint long-term cooperation with the National Commission for Securities and Stock Market of Ukraine, for their professionalism, and participation in our events, as well as their endless support of ICFM Ukraine. This is already the third Memorandum since 2007 when we started our job to implement IFRS with the State Regulator. We work together to develop and support the Ukrainian capital market, to restore the business economy with constant professional development using ICFM & ICB qualifications, and to improve the investment economic business climate of Ukraine and its image on the world stage.'

Alina Siatkovskaia, Global Partnerships Manager, ICB UK: ‘This achievement is a significant milestone that demonstrates the commitment and dedication of ICFM Ukraine to its cause. Such partnerships are crucial in promoting economic growth, stability, and innovation in the financial market. My heartfelt congratulations to all parties involved, and I'm looking forward to witnessing the positive impact of this cooperation.’

On November 30, 2023, ICFM Ukraine signed a Memorandum with the Economic Security Bureau of Ukraine in Kyiv. The purpose of the Memorandum is cooperation and the exchange of information and experience within their respective functions. The parties agreed to involve the Economic Security Bureau staff in ICB & ICFM qualification and international events of the Institute.