Correct Details

Candidates must ensure their full name, postal address and email address details are correct prior to application for any examination. Candidates can check this information by logging into MyICB or by telephoning ICB on 0203 405 4000.

Candidate's Responsibilities - home-based examinations

ICB cannot be held responsible for loss of internet access, computer breakdown or any other problem arising from technical issues on the candidate's personal computer.

Candidates must ensure they have sufficient facilities to complete the assessment within the allotted time-frame before they apply. It is the candidate's responsibility to carefully check all answers before submitting their assessment.

Candidate's Responsibilities - centre-based examinations

Candidates are responsible for booking their own centre-based examinations and must ensure they comply with the Terms & Conditions and any other requirements outlined upon booking. (All centre-based examinations are booked and delivered by a third-party company called Pearson Vue.)

Once at the examination centre candidates must comply with the examination centre rules including the requirement to show sufficient ID.  

> Examination Centre Rules

> ID Requirements


Qualification certificates and results slips will be issued within 28 days of a candidate's results being authorised by ICB.

All qualification certificates will display the full name of the candidate as it appears in the MyICB online area. If the name is not as the candidate wishes it to appear, the candidate must contact ICB on 0203 405 4000 immediately, prior to completion of the exam. If changes need to be made to the certificate following issue, the candidate will be charged a replacement certificate fee.

Lost Items

Certificates are legal documents; if they are lost or damaged, they can be replaced for a £25.00 fee and will be marked 'Copy'. Please contact ICB on 0203 405 4000 if you require a replacement or believe your qualification certificate has been lost in the post.

Authenticity of work

Examinations must be completed by the candidate alone, and candidates are not permitted to request any help from the ICB, their tutor, or online forums. Candidates must also ensure that they do not post on online forums any questions from their question paper as this will invalidate their work and render the examination paper unnusable by future candidates.

Candidates may be required to sign an 'Own Work Declaration' to confirm that any submitted work is their own.